Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sierra's first author outing!!

Whee! So I'm finally getting unpacked and reorganized after my trip to Lori Foster's get together in Cincinnati -- yes, I know it was last weekend, but I didn't get back till Thursday! 1000 miles each way… Next year, I'm flying. Maybe. We'll see. But I did stop over a few extra days in Columbus to visit my friend Melanie and finally finally meet Celina Summers whom I've known online for years… I can now attest that her margaritas are every bit as good as she claims :p

The Gift of Redemption, the second book in Celina's Asphodel series, just came out on June 6th, so I wanted to mention that and you can check it out at (huge fantasy series, it's very cool)

I had the greatest time at Lori's, I really did -- getting to meet Bad Barb and Laura and Deb and Joni and Ali (who is SUCH a sweetie! Ali, I didn't get any pictures of you! Send me one if you see this!) and Billie Jo and her equally crazy sister Yvonne and Stephanie who had dinner with me and Susie B and Beth and Amy T… and that doesn't begin to cover all the wonderful readers I met, let alone the authors!!

This is Niny, who won the Wolf Bound basket (and then very nicely gave the t-shirt to Jennifer)

Trouble most definitely comes in twos: the Case sisters, Billie Jo and Yvonne.

From left: LuAnn McClane, Suzanne Horner, Rae Morgan, those crazed sisters again, and Joni Anderson

Bad Barb and me and Susie Bischoff (and somebody providing the bunny ears.... anyone wanna 'fess up?)

This was one of the coolest parts of the whole weekend for me -- I had a line during the booksigning! And honest-to-God line! I feel like Sally Fields… "You like me, you really like me!" Whee!

From left: me, Jennifer Allison, Rhonda Wilson, Laura Jenkins and DeNita Tuttle
Thanks to Yuvonne Marlow for snapping this one!

Another serious fave moment (actually, couple of hours…): Friday night, I bumped into Lauren Dane who was sitting with Laura Bradford who has a partial of mine, so of course I had to go introduce myself and hopefully demonstrate that I wasn't a complete spaz (well, dunno how successful I was at that, LOL!)

Anyway, I ended up sitting at a table with Lauren and Megan Hart (these two are a deadly duo -- I was laughing so hard my stomach ached!) and Anya Bast who's just incredibly nice and sweet (such a quiet girl to write such steamy scenes!) and Laura and Cindy Hwang for two hours, just listening (okay, I talked some -- probably nothing very interesting). Cindy's incredible. Really nice and I swear the woman is a walking encyclopedia of romance. It was just wild and if you can absorb talent by osmosis, I was SO in the right place! Plus we got some great pix:

The uber-cool Lauren Dane and some chick named Sierra :p

Lauren, moi, and Megan Hart mugging it up for the camera -- I got to be in the BEST company!

Also, Megan's got a great video blog up of the event -- just click here:

It was so wonderful to get to meet so many of my fellow authors -- I'm not EVEN going to try to list them all, but here's a few pictures:

Celia Kyle and Selena Illyria -- who knew sheer wanton madness could look so demure?

The incomparable Flash and D. Renee Bagby, looking stunning as usual

Me and Celia and Tuesday Morrigan (who just got a GREAT review from JERR -- congrats, Tuesday!) and Selena (do NOT let that innocent-looking exterior fool you!!!)

Finally got to meet Kate Douglas who is every bit as cool in person as she is in cyber-land (and her hubby really IS all dat! You go, girl!)

Lori Foster! I talked with Lori Foster! WHEE!!!!

I am SO going next year, even if I have to hitch-hike! I LOVED MEETING YOU GUYS!!!!

And hey, don't forget to check out my Oh Yum! story, Built to Last. Like the cover? :p
click cover to order!
Forty year old Ginny Chase is a nationally syndicated advice columnist who's finding it hard to take her own advice. Broken-hearted by her husband's unexpected death, she impulsively sells her Boston condo to buy a ramshackle old farmhouse in Maine. Big mistake. The roof leaks, the wiring is ancient and the first repair quote she gets from a contractor leaves her panicked.

But when local carpenter Mike Standish shows up to give her an estimate, Ginny finds herself experiencing an entirely different kind of panic. He's handsome, hard-working, and he's making her think things no self-respecting woman should even consider about a man sixteen years her junior.

Despite his youth, though, Mike has been around the block a time or two when it comes to love. And it doesn't take him long to realize Ginny's broken house isn't the only thing he wants to fix...

-- Sierra

Sexy. Sassy. Seductive. Sierra.


Wylie Kinson said...

Sierra - I'm so glad I'm finally able to put a gorgeous, smiling face to your beautiful, bubbly personality!!
Loved the photos... thanks for sharing your experience!

Sierra Dafoe said...

Hiya Wylie! Yep, that's me -- chipmunk cheeks, dimples, curls and all... We've got to drag you down one of these years -- heck, it's a shorter drive for you than it was for me, I think!

-- Sierra

Debra Glass said...

Thanks for posting, Sierra! I loved the pics and your Oh Yum books looks absolutely yummy!

Red Garnier said...

Sie, that sounds like such a wild time! I MUST GO NEXT YEAR!!!!! So wonderful to meet all these great authors and editors and agents. Loved the pics!!!! You're so beautiful!

mscelina said...


Well, gee Sierra! I'm so glad you liked my margaritas after I bragged about them for years.

I really enjoyed having you and Melanie as guests in my home and I hope you come back anytime you want a (drunken) getaway. Hopefully by then, I'll be in the bigger house I'm eying across town.

Thanks for the book plug too! :) I just sent you a copy so I hope you enjoy it.

*psssst---to everyone else-Sierra ROCKS! It's particularly fun to argue politics with her on the front porch fueled by margaritas--and my 18-year-old daughter trying to break into the conversation at every teensy space of silence.)

Sierra Dafoe said...

Debra, thanks so much! I would totally recommend the outing to anyone who can make it.

Red, you BETTER make it, and them we'll both go attack Celina!

Celina, yay and thank you! And yeah, I was a little skeptical -- I mean, "the best margaritas ever" is a pretty tall order... but they ARE! YUM!!! And you were just an incredibly gracious hostess (she also makes a really mean seafood crepe) and I can't wait to come back!

-- Sierra