Friday, February 22, 2008

Beast in My Bed by Marianne LaCroix

Beast in My Bed
(Book 1)
Marianne LaCroix
Erotic Romance / Werewolf / Humor / Interracial (BW / WM)
ISBN: 1-4199-0583-X (ebook)
Available from Ellora's Cave

Going out with friends to party on Halloween, Sophia knew that’s when all the freaks come out. However, she never thought she’d fall into bed with one of them. She should’ve suspected something was amiss when Greg suddenly instructed her to strap him to the bed. But her lust was in control, and there’s nothing wrong with a change from the norm.

And boy, did Greg change.

Experience should have taught Sophia a lesson. But when a man can ease the fire in your body and answer the call of your heart, maybe change is a good thing.

"4 Tattoos...Beast In My Bed is an absolute incredible read! This erotic short story went from hot to blazing within a flash and remained sizzling until the very end. The sexual heat between Sophia and Greg is intensely passionate and will set your blood on fire. From start to finish I was in a constant arousal state. So readers, I would suggest keeping your significant other near by because once you complete this little, scorching quickie you will become a ‘beast’ in your very own bed."
~Erotic Escapades

"5 Hearts...Delicious! I really liked the little debate on “sex honey”. Excellent! Authors are constantly debating what terms are appropriate in particular situations and silly, funny or otherwise, this was especially fitting! Liked the fact that Sophia realized, after her initial fright, that her feelings were involved and didn’t pussyfoot around with the idea; bravo, a woman who knows what she wants and when to take a chance offered. And on the subject of Greg--what a sumptuous beast. A man willing to take on the possibility of rejection just on the chance that this special woman might accept him as he is…wonderful. Put this baby right on your ToBeBought list."
~The Romance Studio