Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christie Walker Bos Meets Baseball Legend Mike Piazza

When I’m not writing romantic comedy, I have a full-time job as a journalist for the optical industry. At a recent optical trade show, I was given the assignment of photographing baseball legend, Mike Piazza.

That name rang a bell and I pulled out a copy of my first novel, The Magical Man List and sure enough, there on page 94 were these sentences:

“When Mike Piazza sat his most perfect ass right above the List spot, I thought Marta was going to have a heart attack. She thought this was a really powerful sign. “Piazza Power,” she called it.”

So after doing my job and taking pictures of Mr. Piazza signing photographs, I stood in line myself and waited. I had brought a copy of my novel with a Post It on page 94. When it was my turn, I introduced myself, told him I wrote romantic comedies and that he was in my book. I showed him the page and after he read the line about his perfect ass, he started laughing. He loved it. I autographed the book for him and he autographed a photo for me. He said he was going to give the book to his wife. He wanted her to see that other people appreciated his perfect “backside.” Mike Piazza was charming, friendly and a total hunk. I hope his wife enjoyed my book.

The Magical Man List is about making a list of everything you want in a soul mate and then creating a ceremony to activate your list. The two main characters in the book are baseball fans and so one of them decides to stick her list under the players bench at Dodger Stadium. The story of how they break into the stadium is hilarious and based on my experience of doing exactly that when I was 18-years-old.

It always amazes me how life is rolled into fiction and then...fiction becomes life. Check out my Web site to see more pictures of the hunk Mike Piazza and other new features on my site including discussion questions for book clubs and an interactive Share Your Own Magical Man List story.


Jennifer North said...

Fun story, Christie!

This seems related to the saying about things coming back around to bite you in the, um, "backside".

Thanks for sharing,


Christie Walker Bos said...

That's exactly right. And he had a fabulous backside at that. Too bad I didn't get a photo of that!