Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Like It Hotter

My latest novel, Stealing Hearts, is a "bit hotter" than my usual romantic comedies. Check out the new cover...smokin!

Here's the blurb: Check it out.

Jason doesn’t know what possessed him to give Jennifer his great-grandmother’s locket. She dumped him the second he mentioned marriage, and refuses to return the family heirloom. Desperate, he tests his amateur thieving skills when Jennifer goes out of town—and finds himself at the business end of a gun wielded by a gorgeous stranger. Jennifer’s new roommate reluctantly helps Jason cover up his bungled burglary. New plan—seduce the roommate into helping him steal the locket.

Alison suspects Jason is just using her, but that’s fine. She has her own agenda, which involves using her roommate’s studly ex for a little fun between the sheets. Casual sex turns into dating, and the more Alison falls for Jason, the more she wants to rip that locket off her undeserving roommate’s scrawny neck!

Soon a risky plan emerges, one that could gain them the locket…but cause them to lose something far more precious.

Reader Advisory: This story contains a sensual F/F scene. Whatever it takes to get that locket, right?