Thursday, February 28, 2008

RT Top Pick for Crossed Swords & Royal Bondage cover

Okay, I will go ahead and post my good news. My pirate historical novel from Ellora's Cave, Crossed Swords, is a Romantic Times BOOKClub Top Pick. I am pretty excited about it. It marks my second Top Pick with RT magazine, the first being Descendants of Darkness (when it was at a different publisher in 2004). I am floored, needless to say. Nice to know someone loved my pirates other than me and Kelli.

Also, I found the cover for my upcoming Pocket antho arranged by Ellora's Cave. Royal Bondage is one slick looking cover. I am so honored to be a part of it, especially with talents Samantha Winston and Delilah Devlin. I feel like getting on my knees and bowing, "I'm not worthy!"



Wylie Kinson said...

woot woot woot - way to go, Mari!! And that cover is beautiful. I'm into color these days and that totally drew me in.

Sierra Dafoe said...

Woo, hoo, Mari! That is fabulous news!!

-- Sierra