Monday, April 28, 2008

First Sales by Kelli's Kittens Belle Scarlett and Debra Glass Featured in May 2008 Romance Writers Report

RWA is pleased to announce these first sales by members:(May 2008 RWR)

Debra Glass announces her first sale, as part of a three-book contract, to Ellora's Cave. Gatekeeper, the first erotic, paranormal romance in the Phantom Lovers series that weaves actual historical characters and settings into contemporary mysteries for a fast paced, spooky, sexy read, was an April 2008 release.
Belle Scarlett announces the sale of her first novella to Ellora's Cave. The Woodsman, an erotic romance fantasy that combines Red Riding Hood's Woodsman and Big, Bad Wolf characters into the single, shape-shifting romantic hero, is a May 2008 release.


Wylie Kinson said...

Yay Kittens!! I saw your names in the RWR this month and felt all giddy for you :)

Sierra Dafoe said...

Whee, Belle and Debra! Congrats, guys!

-- Sierra

Belle Scarlett said...

I'm all agog and a-twitter! Thanks, Kelli's Kittens! One is only an RWA First Sale writer once and I feel well and truly inducted. BTW, I just love fellow Kitten, Debra Glass', GATEKEEPER, part of EC's Phantom Lover series at Ellora's Cave -- I just can't shout it out enough! It's a recommended read, along with Kitten Red Garnier's SEVEN SINNERS & SPIN series. And you can take it to the bank that Mary Winter's upcoming COWBOY UP will put the S in Sizzle.

Belle Scarlett

The wolf's at your door May 2nd!
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Mari Freeman said...

Woooo Hooooo

Way to go ladies!


Debra Glass said...

Thanks for all the yayness!