Friday, May 2, 2008

Kittens on the Prowl in Pittsburgh

Karen Erickson, Marianne LaCriox and myself had a big time in Pittsburgh as we experienced the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. What a great way to meet other authors, publishing professionals and readers.

(The pic is Karen Erickson and Myself with the lovely Lillian Fiesty. Marianne did a good job of hiding from my camera for the week!)

Yes, I had my first real fan moment at the Vampire Ball!!! It was about the coolest thing a writer can ever experience. I hope it always feels that good to meet someone that loved my book. I now know that at least one person has bought, read and loved my book. Soooooo Cooool!

I have been very fortunate to have a great group of supportive writers around me, both here in North Carolina and in the cyber world of network friends. Events like RT and smaller regional writing conferences are a great way to connect and get support from other professionals. If you don’t attend any RWA or other writing groups, I highly recommend seeking out local writers to communicate with. It’s helpful to have someone to talk to that understands writing stress. Only other writers are gonna get it when you complain about plot issues that drive you insane for weeks and they’ll get that your characters talk back to you in your head, argue with you and be big asses at times.

Not mention that most of these events are full of creative folks and that makes for a very good time. RT is the party queen among the conventions… or should I say dancing queen. It’s full of costume parties, dancing and events geared to get the reader and the author together in a party atmosphere. There is a montage of pictures on the home page of my website, for those that would like to see.

It a large file… I’m working on getting it smaller.

Anyway… the Kittens were represented and we did out part to reduce the amount of alcohol sitting around the hotel, clogging up cabinetry. It was fun. It was educational. It will be repeated next year in Florida!

Kiss Kiss
~Mari F

Oh Yeah. Did I mention the Cavemen??



Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and experiences. I'm just a wee bit jealous...
maybe next year I'll join you at the par-tay :)

Mari Freeman said...

By all means... please do!
Orlando is going to R.O.C.K.