Saturday, May 3, 2008

Promotion Motion, What's Your Notion?

Yee-haw, it's three minutes after midnight and the event I’ve long anticipated, my inaugural e-book launch for THE WOODSMAN on the Ellora’s Cave website, is now officially stuff of memorable memories. I can finally wind down all the promotional heavy-lifting I began spinning out about 19.3 seconds after receiving the acceptance letter from EC on New Year’s Day of this year. Or can I? After all, here I am still blogging about it.

For me, the past four months and two days have been quite an education in the business of book promotion. You think your book is done when you type “The End.” You may as well type, “Now it’s time to query, query, contest, contest, contest, revise four times, contest, sell, pause for a cartwheel, execute contract, do the edits, then promote and cross-promote it with a professionally designed yet surprisingly affordable website by Austin DesignWorks that’s facsimiled onto several, popular social networking sites, after creating content for them such as the obligatory blog, an obsequious book trailer (with Director’s Cut on You Tube!), and, finally, a flurry of web joining, “friending,” blogging, and e-posting.”

Now all I have to do is complete another book and do the whole “The End” process again. Then rinse and repeat until retirement. But first, I think I’ll go see what the husband and the cat have been up to since New Year’s…

Oh, and by the by, I'm having a contest where one of my readers can win a kewl Amazon Kindle upon which to read THE WOODSMAN! Please check my professionally designed yet surprisingly affordable website by Austin DesignWorks for contest details, and Belle’s Obligatory Blog where I’ll be posting excerpts from my “Diary of a First Sale!”

Thanks for your support, especially from all the Kittens and my wonderful crit buddy, Vivienne Westlake, who turned me on to Ellora’s Cave in the first place just a little over a year ago. THE WOODSMAN is for you, Viv!

And I'd love to know, from writers and readers alike, what's the best book promotion you ever heard of?

Belle Scarlett
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Debra Glass said...

Congrats on The Woodsman's release!

Belle Scarlett said...

Thanks, Debra, and for creating the Kittens' blogging spot. It's the cat's meow!


Wylie Kinson said...

Yay on the release, Belle!!!
And if I may say -- your cover is BEEOOOTIFUL :D
No, really... I'm not 'just sayin'. It's one of the nicest covers I've seen at EC.

Vivienne Westlake said...

My dearest, Belle, who makes it all look so easy... No, really, she does! Thanks for the acknowledgment. It's been a crazy year and an even crazier four months, but you hung in there and you even learned how to do a myspace page! Can't wait to celebrate with you when your first sales figures come in. Have you all seen her terrific trailer? If not, go to her website or youtube and check it out!

Karen Erickson said...

Congrats Belle and I agree, I love your cover!

Promotion is tough - I still haven't quite figured out what really works or not. LOL

Red Garnier said...

YEY, congrats on your release, Bella!!! This book looks seriously yum, I can't wait to read!! :)

Nicole Terry said...

It looks delicious! I can't wait to read the full story after the steamy teaser. Congrats!!