Monday, June 2, 2008

In between books

My newsletter Wilde Thoughts comes out when I feel like it. Or I guess the more politically correct way to say that is -- it comes out when I have something to say. I'll be sending one out in the next day or so. One section of the newsletter is Ravyn Lunatic. (Ravyn Lunatic is my husband's nickname for me. I gave up trying to talk to him about the plots of my books long ago. Guess why?)

This blog post is a sample of the type of thing I'd include under the Ravyn Lunatic section. I hope you enjoy it. If you's where you can join and get a monthly or less sample of my insanity.

In between books?

Well...I'm never really in between books as I always have more than one work in progress going at a time. But I feel like I'm in between books as I just sent in edits tonight on Written in the Ruby and have yet to submit the next book to our fearless editor.

The first few days in between is always a clearing-house for me. Clear the desk...since the surface can't be found. Clear the files...both on the computer and all the written notes stuck in the manila folder. This is a very time consuming task because every day I work on a specific WIP I save it as a new doc with the date. I do this so that if I delete a scene and want it back, I can retrieve it easily. I have copies I've sent to myself on email as a backup in case the computer crashes. And I have a flash drive.

You would think I was afraid of loosing something important! LOL.

Then there is the refrigerator that needs cleared of leftovers. The house that needs cleared of dust. And...well...I'm sure you get the idea.

While I'm clearing...the mind wanders. I stop every so often to write down my mental meanderings in the notebooks I keep on almost every flat surface in my house. Or so my DH insists. (To be perfectly honest...he's usually the one who cleans anyway.)

I do this so that my cluttered brain won't forget the little snippets of dialogue I've imagined, or the answer to that glaring plot problem that has been keeping me up at night. And I had to stop for an hour or so to jot down the really hot ménage scene that ended up being 15 handwritten pages long.

By the time I finish clearing things out...I've filled up all the spaces again.

Reading this...I'll bet you think I'm unorgainized. Well. You'd be half right. My bookshelfs are alphabatized by author. I have different colors of manila file folders for each genre of book that I'm working on and character cards detailing all the major players ass-ets.

Of course, the character cards still don't prevent me from changing someones hair color mid book...but hey...I know what their hidden motivations are.

And I really could care less about the leftovers in the fridge anyway. I'd rather be writing.

Or lately I'd rather be reading reviews.

Just in case you'd rather be reading reviews...I have a few you might want to scope out.

Shameless plug time.

Fallen Angels gave Luke & Jezebel 5 Angels!

It got a 5 at Eye on Romance too!

And 5 hearts at The Romance Studio!

I know...enough already.

Well...I've really procrastinated enough. I have made a deal with myself. No writing until the desk is cleared.

Yeah, right.
Where do you go to get wilde?


Wylie Kinson said...

Ravyn -- review yayness!!!
And I hear you on the cluttered surfaces, cluttered fridge, etc...
And I also hear you on the over-organization of your wips. Me too!! I've got the white-board, the color coded stickies, the index cards... and like you, I still change characteristics half-way thru.
It's so nice to know our quirky habits are 'writerly' ;)

Tempest Knight said...

Congrats on the great reviews!