Friday, October 31, 2008

Rough Justice is here

It is not Roxanne's night...but it soon will be.

Five miles from home, she runs out of gas. Unable to reach her best friend Jay on his cell, she calls local sheriff — and current object of lust — Ivan Soto. On the dark and deserted country road, Ivan shocks Roxie by forcing her to assume the position — against her car with her legs spread.

When Jay rushes to Roxie's to make sure she's made it home safely, he discovers her in the custody of Sheriff Soto, experiencing a little Rough Justice. Jay wants Roxie to have a good time, but if Ivan wants to frisk her further, he'll have to learn to share.

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What the reviewers are saying about Rough Justice.

5 Stars from Sensual e-catanetwork
"Rough Justice is an absolutely sensuous and brilliant story. There is conflict and miscommunication, plus drama, sensuality and passion. Everything needed for a fantastic read is there in the pages of this story...This is a must read story.

5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews
"This story was so well written, and I enjoyed every word. I would have liked it to be a little longer, but only because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to these three yet, not because of any deficiency in the plot. Ms. Waters very happily brings this group of people together in a loving, sexy, rough-and-tumble, romantic way. This book is a must-read, and then a must-read again!"

Copyright © KYANN WATERS, 2008
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Step out of the vehicle with your hands in the air.” The mechanical tone of the sheriff’s amplified voice sent a shiver down her spine.


“Hands in the air!”

Roxie stared. “Is this a joke?” she yelled.

“Walk to the rear of your vehicle, face away from me, put your hands on your hot little sports car and spread your legs.”

“Are you serious?”

“Do it!”

She was under arrest! “Asshole,” she muttered. To think she was about to masturbate to the man in order to pass the time and instead he had her assuming the position. She strode to the rear of the car, put her hands above the bumper and spread her legs.

She heard the release of the handle as he opened the cruiser door. Gravel crunched under Sheriff Soto’s boots. Her heart hammered against her ribs with each step of his approach. Her breathing became shallow.

He stopped behind her. “Normally I catch you hauling ass.”

“I swear your radar gun has it out for me.”

“Yeah, could be something like that. Also might have something to do with your car. Apparently it idles at eighty.”

She gave a snort and glanced over her shoulder. Sheriff Soto stood, his eyes locked on her ass. With the bright spotlight she imagined he could see right through her skirt. That was an arousing thought. A rush of liquid heat flowed through her veins and a flicker of awareness pulsed in her core. A familiar effect whenever the sheriff was around. “My car isn’t even running.” She hitched a hip and tapped the toe of her boot. “I called you for a ride.” She glanced over her shoulder again. “Do you want to give me a ride, Sheriff Soto?”

He closed the distance between them, standing close behind her. Hot breath fanned against her flesh. “Are you soliciting a police officer? Prostitution is a felony.”

Her pulse jumped. “No! I didn’t say anything about paying for a ride.”

“I can haul your ass in for that.”

“And I could lodge a complaint for police harassment.” She straightened and flipped her hair. Her knees might be weak from his authoritarian presence, but she didn’t have to show it.

“Is that a threat?” His voice deepened.

“If you weren’t on duty, I’d ask if you were drunk.” She tried to turn but he leaned into her.

“Technically I’m off duty as soon as I deal with a woman stranded on the side of the road.”

“Deal with? I’ve always been nice to you.”

“Oh Roxanne…I can be nice too.”

“Then why are you giving me a hard time?”

“I’m not—yet.” He nudged the side of her boot with his. “Now spread your legs.”

“Not the first time I’ve heard that one.”

He chuckled and she melted a little more. “As long as it’s the first time tonight.”

Oh hell, there was definitely a double meaning in that. She shivered from the press of his utility belt in her back. Everything about him was hard, including what she knew to be his cock and not his gun. The rush of blood to her pussy had her clenching in want. “I need a ride home.” Yeah, she needed a lot more than that. She shifted slightly, arched just enough to brush against him. He pressed closer and cradled his erection in the crack of her ass. “I ran out of gas.”

Ivan Soto had pulled her over for a speeding violation for the first time six months prior. Since then, he’d given her four tickets for speeding and more warnings than she could count. On each occasion she’d flirted shamelessly. But Sheriff Soto had always remained professional. He’d played along a bit but had never once crossed the line of professionalism. Had he given her more of an indication he was interested, she would’ve made a move weeks ago. Her panties had been wet for the hot cop since their first encounter.

Sheriff Soto’s hands trailed over the silky smooth material of her miniskirt. “I’ll need to search you for weapons before I can allow you into my vehicle.” His lips feathered against the shell of her ear. “How badly do you need a ride?”